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260 Balloons are sold in 100 count bags.
360 Balloons are sold in 50 count bags.
020 8644 1983
07533 336 304

Since 1938, located in Barranquilla, seaport in the Colombian Caribbean coast, Sempertex® has been devoted to manufacturing high quality latex balloons. The increased international demand for fine products has opened big doors of opportunity for the company to be worldwide with a concrete promise: Innovation on Quality & Colour.

Sempertex Balloons. The main difference from other brands is the quality of the product with a much thicker and longer balloon with all colours being manufactured in all sizes.

Graham Lee, Magician and Balloon Artiste

Graham has been in the entertaining business for over 33 years and is an experienced professional entertainer, entertaining family and young audiences all over the world. Magic, Balloon art portfolio with twenty two pages of sculptures to view. If you would like to hire Graham for his magic show or balloon art then please get in touch, 020 8644 1983 / 07533 336 304 or contact me here